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Collectible Walt Disney On Compact Disc

Artist: Original Soundtrack
Title: The Little Mermaid
Label: Walt Disney Music Company
Date of Release: 1988
Time: 47:42
In the grand tradition of Disney animated musicals, the magical world of a mermaid comes
to life through Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, creators of "Little Shop of Horrors".
These contemporary songs and score range from English folk to French cabaret, from lively
Caribbean to show stopping Broadway. With this soundtrack, Ashman and Menken prove
once again that they are an award winning combination. This music evokes all the humor,
beauty and emotion of "The Little Mermaid", Disney's 28th animated feature film.
It will be enjoyed by all ages, time and time again.

 "20" Wonderful Songs On One Compact Disc
1.   Fathoms Below (Ashman/Menken)
2.   Main Titles (Ashman/Menken)
3.   Fanfare (Ashman/Menken)
4.   Daughters of Triton (Ashman/Menken)
5.   Part of Your World (Ashman/Menken)
6.   Under the Sea (Ashman/Menken)
7.   Part of Your World (Ashman/Menken)
8.   Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ashman/Menken)
9.   Les Poissons (Ashman/Menken)
10. Kiss the Girl (Ashman/Menken)
11. Fireworks (Ashman/Menken)
12. Jig (Ashman/Menken)
13. Storm (Ashman/Menken)
14. Destruction of the Grotto (Ashman/Menken)
15. Flotsam and Jetsam (Ashman/Menken)
16. Tour of the Kingdom (Ashman/Menken)
17. Bedtime (Ashman/Menken)
18. Wedding Announcement (Ashman/Menken)
19. Eric to the Rescue (Ashman/Menken)
20. Happy Ending (Ashman/Menken)

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