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Laura Nyro - Walk The Dog & Light The Light

Artist: Laura Nyro
Album Title: Walk The Dog & Light The Light
Label: Columbia (USA) CK 52411
Date of Release: 09/28/93
Condition Of Record: New, Factory Sealed
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  1.  Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies)
  2.  Woman Of The World, A
  3.  Descent Of Luna Rose, The
  4.  Art Of Love
  5.  Lite A Flame (The Animal Rights Song)
  6.  Louise's Church
  7.  Broken Rainbow
  8.  Walk The Dog & Light The Light (Song Of The Road)
  9.  To A Child
10.  I'm So Proud / Dedicated To The One I Love

Personnel: Laura Nyro (vocals, keyboards); Elliott Randall, Michael Landau, Ira Siegal (guitar); Juliet Haffner, Sue Pray,
Julie Green, Jeanne Le Blanc, Marilyn Wright, Belinda Whitney Barrat, Joyce Hammann, Beryl Diamond, Rani Vaz,
Laura Seaton, Gene Orloff, Sanford Allen, Mindy Jostyn (strings); Lou Marini, Roger Rosenberg, Lawrence Feldman (horns);
Ellen Uryevick (harmonica); Lou Marini (flute); Freddie Washington, Jerry Jemmott (bass); Bashiri Johnson, Bernard Purdie (drums); Eric McKain, (percussion).
Recorded at River Sound, New York.
After her initial burst of creativity in the early '70s, Laura Nyro's career became very much a part-time thing. 1993's
WALK THE DOG AND LIGHT THE LIGHT is one of fewer than half a dozen albums released in the quarter-century
before her 1999 death. Like many of these later albums, such as 1978's NESTING, WALK THE DOG is a casual, jazzy affair,
with lengthy songs slickly but not sterilely produced by Steely Dan helmsman Gary Katz.
As always, Nyro's watery, Bill Evans-influenced piano and lusty, gospel-infused vocals are front and center.
The title track, the sassy, swinging "Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies)" and the impressionistic
"The Descent of Luna Rose" are highlights, but it's the final track, a medley of Nyro's own "I'm So Proud"
and a gorgeous rendition of "Dedicated to the One I Love," that stands out. It's among the finest performances of
Nyro's career.

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