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The Cure - Never Enough

Artist:The Cure
Album Title: Never Enough
Label: Elektra (USA) CD Elektra  9 66604
Date of Release: 1990
Condition Of Record: New, Factory Sealed
EAN-Nr: 075596660426
Copies In Stock: '1'

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1. Never Enough [Big Mix]
2. Harold and Joe
3. Let's Go to Bed [Milk Mix]
4. Never Enough

Review by Ned Raggett

Taken directly from the Mixed Up album, "Never Enough" in the long version included here is an absolute monster of a track. Smith's coruscating, vicious funk guitar and the shuffling rhythm and loops from the rest of the band make an impressive riposte to the Madchester/baggy era of late-'80s Britain. A shortened version for radio play appears here as a well, but it's nowhere as gripping as the full take. A remix that didn't appear on Mixed Up ends up here as well: the "Milk" mix of "Let's Go to Bed," retaining the edgy, humorous bop of the track while mixing it with new keyboard and rhythm lines, resulting in a just moody enough delight. Only one wholly original track appears here, but it's another brilliant rarity from a band that constantly produces them, "Harold and Joe." With a sprightly keyboard line from Perry Bamonte and a clever, dance-touched rhythm underscoring Smith's easy performance of a ruminative, ennui-laden lyric, it's a gentle treasure, topped off with Smith's sudden whistling solo.

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