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Collectible "New, Factory Sealed"

Artist: Acoustic Alchemy
Title: Red Dust & Spanish Lace
Date of Release: 1987
Time: 38:15
Gold Embossed Promo
It is an audiophile custom pressing using "KC 569 BLEND PREMIUM VINYL" by KM of Burbank, California.

PRICE: $11.00
1. Mr. Chow (Carmichael/Webb)
2. Ricochet (Carmichael/Parsons-Morris/Webb)
3. Stone Circle (Carmichael/Parsons-Morris/Webb)
4. Ride Out (Carmichael/Webb)
5. Girl with a Red Carnation (Webb)
1. Colonel and the Ashes (Carmichael/Webb)
2. One for the Road (Clyne/Parsons-Morris/Webb)
3. Sarah Victoria (Webb)
4. Red Dust and Spanish Lace (Carmichael/Parsons-Morris/Webb)

Band Members:
Rainer Bruninghaus - Keyboards
Mario Argandona - Percussion
Gregory Carmichael - Guitar
Simon Morton - Percussion
David Munday - Keyboards
John Parsons - Guitar, Producer
Gunnar Plumer - Bass
Bert Smaak - Drums
Nick Webb - Guitar
Werner Kopal - Bass
John Parson - Guitar
Bert Smakk - Drums

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