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SESAME STREET - Sing Along Travel Songs
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Sing Along Travel Songs


Track List
1. Sesame Street Theme (Hart/Raposo/Stone)
2. Goin' for a Ride (Moss)
3. Ninety-Nine Bats (In My Car Today) (Cerf)
4. Let's Go Driving (Moss)
5. Standing at the Bus Stop Sign (Hardwick/Sans)
6. Forty Blocks from My Home (Durkee/Jacobs)
7. Drive My Car (Lennon/McCartney)
8. Forty-Three Bats (In My Car Today) (Cerf)
9. How Do You Get from Here to There? (Moss)
10. Medley (Moss/Traditional)
11. Down Below the Street (Saltzman)
12. Stop! (Moss/Raposo)
13. Are We There Yet? (Durkee/Jacobs)
14. Take the Hand of Someone You Love (Lawrence/Saltzman)
15. One Last Bat (In My Car Today) (Cerf)

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