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Great White...Let It Rock

Artist:Great White
Album Title: Let It Rock
Label: Imago (USA) CD Imago  72787-23005-2
Date of Release: May 21, 1996
Condition Of Record: New, Factory Sealed
EAN-Nr: 727872300525
Copies In Stock: '1'

PRICE: $24.99

 1. My World 5:26
 2. Lil Mama  4:26
 3  Where Is the Love 4:23
 4  Hand on the Trigger 5:18
 5  Easy 4:26
 6  Pain Overload 4:40
 7  Lives in Chains 6:16
 8  Anyway I Can 6:05
 9  Man in the Sky 4:37
10 Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady 2:44
11 Miles Away 5:32

Review by Whitney Z. Gomes

In the liner notes to Great White's tenth record, a formulaic band famous for remakes calls Let It Rock the band's "quintessential" album. Unfortunately, the front cover demonstrates how lame Jack Russell's crew can be, and also how maybe the rocking chair isn't that far off for these ol' dudes. But after the light acoustics of the preceding Sail Away destroyed their commercial momentum, the boys prove they can still spike the punch, as opener "My World " (co-written with Don Dokken who produced their debut), "Lil Mama," "Anyway I Can," and a couple of other cuts demonstrate. "Pain Overload" is just that; "Lives in Chains" cranks, but the over-reaching words get in the way. And those deadly snooze blooze creep into the third song (named for a famous Flack/Hathaway duet). Luckily, top-notch playing (mostly from multi-instrumentalist Michael Lardie bringing banjo, flute, and sundry other goodies to the party) keeps the whole shebang afloat. Great White defiantly lets their hair metal flag fly, and for the few who care at this point, Let It Rock delivers the goods.

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