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Collectible "New, Factory Sealed"

Artist: Ryan Adams
Album Title: Gold
Label: Lost Highway Records 602527602394 LHWYB001519301.1
Date of Release: 01/25/2011 (2LP Set)
Condition Of Record: Factory Sealed Pressing

PRICE: $14.99

Track Listing:
Side A1 New York, New York 3:47

Side A2 Firecracker 2:48

Side A3 Answering Bell 3:02

Side A4 La Cienega Just Smiled 4:59

Side A5 The Rescue Blues 3:36

Side A6 Somehow, Someday 4:23

Side B1 When The Stars Go Blue 3:31

Side B2 Nobody Girl 9:39

Side B3 Sylvia Plath 4:08

Side B4 Enemy Fire 4:04

Side B5 Gonna Make You Love Me 2:34

Side C1 Wild Flowers 4:55

Side C2 Harder Now That It's Over 4:31

Side C3 Touch, Feel & Lose 4:13

Side C4 Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues 6:04

Side C5 Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd 3:23

Side D1 Rosalie Come And Go 3:53

Side D2 The Fools We Are As Men 3:56

Side D3 Sweet Black Magic 2:34

Side D4 The Bar Is A Beautiful Place 5:50

Side D5 Cannonball Days 3:22

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