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ABC, When Smokey Sings (4:21) b/w Chicago (Part 1) (3:41) (Picture Sleeve)
AC DC, That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll (3:42), b/w Kissin Dynamite (3:54)

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Bananarama, Love truth & Honesty (3:25) b/w Strike It Rich (5:03), (Picture Sleeve)
Bananarama, Na Na Hey Het Kiss Him Goodbye (3:22) b/w Tell Tale Signs (2:58), (Picture Sleeve)
Pat Benatar: Shadows of the Night - 3:40, b/w The Victim - 4:41
Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine (3:52), b/w 99 In The Shade (4:25) 1988 Picture Sleeve
Bon Jovi - Born to Be My Baby (4:56), b/w Love for Sale (3:56) 1988 Picture Sleeve
Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You - 5:43, b/w Homebound Train - 5:09 1988 Picture Sleeve
Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me - 5:58, b/w Runaway (Live) - 5:05 1989 Picture Sleeve
Bon Jovi - Living In Sin - 4:36 b/w Love Is War - 4:12 1988 Picture Sleeve
Bon Jovi - Only Lonely - 3:58 b/w Always Run To You - 5:00 1985 Picture Sleeve
Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me - 3:55 b/w Burning for Love - 3:52 (1984) Picture Sleeve
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (3:59), b/w Memories (2:50), 1984 Picture Sleeve

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Cheap Trick, Don't Be Cruel (3:08), b/w I Know What I Want (live) (4:35), (Picture Sleeve)
Cinderella, Coming Home (Album Version) (4:55) b/w Take Me Back (3:16) (Picture Sleeve)
Cinderella, The Last Mile (3:52) b/w Long Cold Winter (5:22) (Picture Sleeve)
Eric Clapton, After Midnight (3:37), b/w I Can't Stand It (4:09), (Picture Sleeve)
Crosby,Stills And Nash, Wasted On The Way (2:52), b/w Delta (4:12), (Picture Sleeve)

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Def Leppard, Armageddon It (5:21), b/w Release Me (3:31), (Picture Sleeve)
Def Leppard, Hysteria (LP Version) (5:49), b/w Ride Into The Sun (3:01), (Picture Sleeve)
Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar On Me (4:23), b/w Ring Of Fire (4:35), (Picture Sleeve)
Def Leppard, Rocket (Lunar Mix) (4:17), b/w Women (Live Version) (6:32), (Picture Sleeve)
Depeche Mode, Behind The Wheel [3:58], b/w Route 66/Behind The Wheel [4:15], Sire 7 27991-7, (Picture Sleeve)
Depeche Mode, People Are People - 3:43 b/w In Your Memory - 4:00, Sire  7-29221, (Picture Sleeve)
Depeche Mode, Strangelove - [3:44], Nothing [3:57], Sire  7-27777, (Picture Sleeve)

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Erasure, A Little Respect (3:33) b/w Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabar (4:00), (Picture Sleeve)

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Fleetwood Mac, As Long as You Follow (4:05) b/w Oh Well (Live) (3:57), (Picture Sleeve)
Lita Ford, Kiss Me Deadly (3:59) (Lp Version), b/w Broken Dreams ( 5:12), (Picture Sleeve)
Foreigner, Heart Turns To Stone (4:07) b/w Counting Every Minute (4:11) (Picture Sleeve)

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Godley & Creme, Cry (3:55) b/w Love Bombs (3:54), (Picture Sleeve)

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George Harrison, Got My Mind Set on You (3:50) b/w Lay His Head (3:51), (Picture Sleeve)
George Harrison, Wake Up My Love (3:33) b/w Greece (Instrumental) (3:57)

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Joe Jackson, Breaking Us In Two (4:57) b/w Target (4:00), (Picture Sleeve)
Joe Jackson, Memphis (4:44) b/w Breakdown (3:59), (Picture Sleeve)
Joan Jett, Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) (3:24) b/w Victim Of Circumstance (2:54), (Picture Sleeve)
Joan Jett, Fake Friends (3:23) b/w Nitetime (4:52), (Picture Sleeve)
Elton John, I Don't Wanna Go on with You Like That (4:34) b/w Rope Around A Fool (3:46), (Picture Sleeve)

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Kiss, Crazy Crazy Nights - (3:48) b/w No No No - (4:19),Mercury Records 888 796-7, (Picture Sleeve)

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Madonna, Live To Tell (4:37) b/w Live To Tell (Instrumental) (5:49) (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Check It Out (4:20), b/w We Are The People - (4:16), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Cherry Bomb (4:49), b/w Shama Lama Ding Dong (4:15), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Crumblin' Down (3:33), b/w Golden Gates (4:02), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Jackie Brown (LP Version) (4:00), b/w Jackie Brown (Acoustic) (4:20), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Lonely Ol' Night (3:44), b/w The Kind Of Fella I Am (2:55), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Pop Singer (2:45), b/w J.M.'s Question - (3:38), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Rain on the Scarecrow (3:46), b/w Pretty Ballerina (2:54), (Picture Sleeve)
John Cougar Mellencamp, Rooty Toot Toot (3:24), b/w Check It Out (Live) - (4:49), (Picture Sleeve)

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Stevie Nicks, After The Glitter Fades (3:27) b/w Think About It (3:34), (Picture Sleeve)

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The Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me '86 b/w Don't Stand So Close To Me-Live, AM-2879, (Picture Sleeve)
Pretenders, Don't Get Me Wrong b/w Dance!, (Picture Sleeve)
Pretenders, Middle Of The Road (4:14) b/w 2000 Miles (3:40) 1983 (Picture Sleeve)
Pretenders, Thin Line Between Love And Hate, b/w Time The Avenger (Live Version), (Picture Sleeve)

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Re-Flex: Politics of Dancing - 3:55, b/w Flex it! - 3:57 Capitol B-5301 (Picture Sleeve)
The Rolling Stones, Going To A Go Go (3:10) b/w Beast Of Burden - Live (4:54) (Picture Sleeve)
The Rolling Stones, Hang Fire (2:22) b/w Neighbours (3:38) (Picture Sleeve)
The Rolling Stones, Happy (3:04) b/w All Down The Line (3:55) 1972
The Rolling Stones, Time Is on My Side (3:38) b/w Twenty Flight Rock (1:48) (Picture Sleeve)
The Rolling Stones, Undercover of the Night (4:31) b/w All the Way Down (3:40) (Picture Sleeve)
The Rolling Stones, Waiting For A Friend (4:32) b/w Llittle T & A (3:24) 1981

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Simple Minds, Promised You A Miracle, b/w The American, A&M AM 2523 (Picture Sleeve)
Ronnie Spector, Darlin' (3:09) b/w Tonight (2:55) 1980, Polish Records PR-202
Bruce Springsteen, Born in the U.S.A. (4:39) b/w Shut Out The Light (3:45) 1984, 38-04680
Bruce Springsteen, I'm Goin' Down, b/w Janey, Don't You Lose Heart, 38-05603 (Picture Sleeve)
Bruce Springsteen, My Hometown (4:33) b/w Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Live) (4:27) 1984, 13-08414
Bruce Springsteen, One Step Up (4:21), b/w Roulette (3:46), Columbia Records 38 07726, 1988, (Picture Sleeve)

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Talking Heads, Road to Nowhere (3:59), b/w Give Me Back My Name (3:20), (Picture Sleeve)
Talking Heads, Wild Wild Life (3;39), b/w People Like Us (4:23), (Picture Sleeve)

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UB40, I Got You Babe - 3:09, b/w Nkomo A Go Go - 3:19, A&M AM-2758, 1984, (Picture Sleeve)

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White Lion, When The Children Cry (4:04) b/w Lady Of The Valley (6:38), Atlantic 7-89015, (Picture Sleeve)
Whitesnake: Give Me All Your Love 3:14/Straight for the Heart 3:36/Geffen 7-28103
Steve Winwood, Talking Back To The Night - 4109, b/w There's A River - 4:40 Island 7-28122 (Picture Sleeve)
Steve Winwood, Freedom Overspill - 4:09, b/w Help Me Angel - 5:06 Island 7-28595 (Picture Sleeve)

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ZZ Top: Legs-3:33 b/w Bad Girl-3:16 Warner Brother 7-29272 (Picture Sleeve)
ZZ Top: Rough Boys - 3:45 b/w Delirious - 3:41 Warner Brother 7-28733 (Picture Sleeve)

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